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Mum to Arley, 4 Months


We have just come through the 4 month sleep regression and Arley was waking at least every hour through the night, and each nap was a battle and only ever lasted 30/40 mins. I realised every time he fell asleep was only after I fed him to sleep or nearly asleep.

My friend at baby sensory class recommended we got in touch with Sam to help us guide Arley to sleep by himself in a gentle way as we were against using the cry it out method.

Sam was friendly, professional and at the end of the phone whenever we needed advice. We filled out a thorough questionnaire and Sam took the information and created a detailed plan of how to get Arley sleeping more easily and for longer. She listened to exactly our needs and tailor made a solution for us.

Each morning we let Sam know how the night had gone and she gave us tips on how to improve it or encouragement if it went well. Working out the logistics of when to put Arley down to sleep before he was overtired was a bit of a puzzle, but Sam was there to guide us through it depending on his wake window/nap duration etc.

By the end of the two weeks with Sam we had a great toolkit at our disposal and such a better understanding of how to handle Arley's sleep and nap routines, through things like bedtime routine consistency and reading his cues.

She helped to break the feed to sleep association and guide Arley to self settle after each sleep cycle so he was napping for an hour and a half. He still woke occasionally during the night but much less than before, and we were able to help him quickly settle himself back without needing to feed each time.

When we put him down to nap we can now leave the room and he will settle himself, with very little help from us, whereas before we were needing to rock/stroke/feed him to sleep each time.

I would highly recommend Sam to anyone struggling with baby sleep - her help was completely invaluable to us!


Chloe K.

Mum to Roman, 15 Months


Before I contacted Sam our 15month old was refusing to fall asleep at bedtime.  Once he finally went to sleep, he would wake several times through the evening and night.  We eventually started puting him in our bed so we could all sleep but after a while we thought we would never have our bed back again!

His crying continuously woke up his older brother during the night and we were all miserable during the day. It wasn't just effecting us now but his brother too. We knew we had to do something!

I came across Sam's profile on Facebook and sent an enquiry. Within a couple of days we had setup our initial consultation.  I appreciated sams approach to sleep training and felt reassured there was light at the end of the sleepless tunnel!

Sam gave us a couple of options at to which types of techniques we would be most comfortable doing.  After choosing, Sam was continously on hand to help and lend support when needed.

After 2 weeks he was self soothing to sleep and sleeping through the night in his own bed. Putting him to bed in the evening became a joy instead of a dread.

We can't thank Sam enough for giving us our bed and sleep back! Our little boy is so much happier and content now he is having a good night sleep.



Mum to Willow, 3 and a half years


Before I reached out to Sam we were at breaking point with our 3.5yr old daughters sleep. A very inconsistent sleeper since birth, I trusted periods of sleep and night wakings would eventually pass but no longer able to sustain broken sleep night after night and dragged out and difficult bed times I searched the internet for help.


Sam came up in a local search and I sent an enquiry within minutes and the availability was there to chat same day. The first phonecall I had with Sam I instantly felt reassured, comforted and supported and knew I was going to be able to work with her and grateful I’d taken this first step.


Sam had experience with night terrors (a problem our daughter also shared) and gave sound and informative insight into what some issues could be. She outlined next steps and we promised to touch base once I had spoken to my other half. From the moment we signed up Sam was professional, attentive, supportive and on hand round the clock answering queries no matter how small. She is incredibly knowledgeable and taught us all so much. Her empathetic yet consistent approach was not overwhelming and it was quite astounding how simple yet effective tweaks to our existing routine made such a difference.


In just under two weeks, our 3.5yr old was not only consistently sleeping through the night, she was falling asleep alone and going to bed was no longer a long affair. Sam has been our saviour and any sleep deprived parent knows how life changing it is when your child sleeps well.


We can’t thank Sam enough and simply wouldn’t be where we are now without her. We’ve gained tools for life and our daughters improved sleep has had huge effects on her day to day mood and general happiness. We cannot recommend Sam enough. x



Mum to Maya, 15 months


After a good run of sleeping, with us rocking her to sleep and popping her in her cot, Maya decided she didn’t want to sleep anywhere other than our bed. After weeks of it getting harder and harder to settle her without one of us with her, and with multiple wake ups during the night, we reached out to Sam. Thank god we did!!

Sam gave us loads of time to talk through Maya’s sleep history and how we’d got to this point. She didn’t make us feel silly, or that we couldn’t work this out, or that Maya was anything other than a really normal, alert baby with parents who just wanted all of us to have a good night’s sleep!! She really listened and asked questions to understand our family.

Sam (very quickly) gave us a plan- she gave us two options, based on what we’d told her. This gave us the opportunity to think about what would work for us and then we committed!! Sam was really honest with us and prepared us for a few tricky nights whilst Maya got used to her new routine. Night one was definitely tricky, but easier than we thought- we were both worried about a ‘cry it out’ method, this is absolutely not what Sam advised and we felt we were all able to commit to the plan without Maya being upset or affected negatively.

Night two was easier and by night four, Maya was going to sleep, in her own cot, with barely a whisper. She was also sleeping from 6:30pm to 5:30am, without waking up!!

We started the same process for her afternoon nap and this took a little longer. But we are persevering and it is working!

We are now three weeks on from the start of the plan and Maya sleeps from 6:30/7pm through to 6/7am EVERY night!

Sam was on the end of the phone through every bedtime and really seemed to care that Maya was making good progress. We tweaked things as we went, and Sam was as happy with it all as we were!! Her support has been phenomenal, always there for a call/message and the ‘Maya’s Sleep Training Team’ WhatsApp group  was very well used!!

Maya is now actually saying ‘bedtime’ to us and getting a really good night’s sleep, and is such a happy little thing in the mornings, we couldn’t be happier with where we have got to- and so quickly!!

We can’t recommend Sam enough. Our only regret is not reaching out to her earlier!



Mum to Amaya, 2 Years


What can I say, this lady helped us achieve what we thought was impossible! We have a 2 year old that needed us to be around whilst she fell asleep, and part way through the night she would wake up and only go back to sleep in our bed.


Sam listened to us and wrote us a plan which we followed. It took nearly 2 weeks but our toddler now gets into her own bed and is asleep by 7 and does not get into our bed. She self settles herself if and when she does wake in the night!


Sam was there throughout all the hard times and supported us! She is lovely, and her packages are reasonably priced. I cannot recommend her enough.


Victoria M

Mum to Milo, 7 months


We reached out to Sam in July 21 as our son wasn't sleeping at night, and after 7 difficult months, we were completely hopeless and clueless.

Milo was napping okay during the day but was waking up almost every hour at night and wasn't able to self settle back to sleep. Which means that we were not sleeping, spending our time rocking him and putting his dummy back.

We did a two weeks training which literally changed our life. Sam created a personalised plan and supported us everyday, texting us every morning to check on the progress and advise when the night was tough.

Thanks to her we've not only created a healthy sleeping routine for our son (who now sleeps 4h during the day and 10.5h in a row at night) but we've also gained confidence in our actions and reactions as first-time parents.

We're extremely grateful and would recommend her 200%.



Mum to Grayson, 19 Months


We decided to get in touch with Sam as we have had 18months of broken sleep due to our son.
We spoke to Sam over zoom which was amazing . After a long in-depth conversation Sam gave us our unique plan.

We put the plan into place on the Monday and by the Thursday our son was sleeping for a solid 12 hours at night with a two hour nap in the day .

Sam continued to make contact with us every day for two weeks to monitor progress. We really appreciated her time and reassurance. Our only regret with Sam was that we had not made contact with her earlier. She is such a kind patient person and we really can’t thank her enough!



Mum to Austin & Euan, 7 years & 2 years 2 months


I’d like to say a massive thank you to Sam.  She’s literally changed our lives around and we couldn’t have done it without her support and advice.  I think I was at the stage where I needed someone to tell me what I needed to do and then hold my hand throughout it and that’s exactly what Sam did.


We had both of our boys which we needed help with.  My 7 year old still wasn’t putting himself to sleep as we’d never trained him to and our 2 year old had never slept through the night, especially as I had fed him until 21 months.  We hadn’t had a full night’s sleep for years as my eldest was a bad sleeper before the youngest was born so went to Sam at the end of our tether!  We had got into some really bad habits; staying with the boys until they had fallen asleep, taking the youngest to bed with one of us as a ‘quick fix’ as this was the only way we all got a night’s sleep and both boys waking up before 6 so we couldn’t keep  going on like this. Changes in circumstances meant I was putting both boys to bed by myself and not getting downstairs until 9 ish.  That coupled with bad sleep, I’d had enough.  Sam also told me that both boys weren’t getting enough sleep which made me even more determined to sort things out for their benefit as well as ours.


Sam looked at both boys individually and gave us an approach we were totally comfortable with.  We in fact changed our approach with the 2 year old a few days in as Sam recognised it was better to do another approach and she was totally right.  I was expecting the first night to be a nightmare but it really wasn’t, in fact by night 3 our 2 year old was putting himself to sleep, staying asleep for 11-12 hours and staying in bed until his clock turned orange!  The eldest has also learnt to put himself to sleep and so I am downstairs at 7.45 now which for me has made an incredible difference.  He also knows that if he wakes before 7 he has to read or do play in his bedroom until we are ready to get up.


I was reluctant to start if I am honest, I called Sam before we were about to embark on the training and said something important had come up at work and I couldn’t bear the thought of having sleepless nights for weeks in the lead up to an important event while we were training and she simply said ‘best start now then’! I thought ‘wow, really, can we sort it that quickly’ and we did.  By night 3 we had it nailed and I thought it was a fluke but we haven’t looked back. It has made a complete difference to our lives and my patience!  I remember Sam saying to me that teaching my boys how to sleep was a gift and that stuck with me.  When we started I was totally determined to stick to what Sam had advised us and I did it all by myself (she says proudly) as my husband was working long shifts.  

I fell upon Sam by complete chance as a friend had put her ad up on her facebook page and it came at a time where we really needed to sort it all out.


Thank you Sam, I will be eternally grateful!




Hannah G.

Mum to Lucas, 12.5 months


Our little boy had always slept well until he began to wake early in the mornings at around 10 months. By the time he turned one he was fighting nap times as well, leading to a lot of tears from everyone involved. At the end of our tether, we decided to ask Sam for help!


We decided at the same time that we would ditch the dummy. After an initial in-depth consultation, Sam provided a very clear plan to help get things back on track. The first night wasn’t easy but it was made bearable by the fact that what Sam was recommending was well within our comfort zone. Yes, there was some crying, but Sam made clear that we would not need to leave our child alone and distressed, making things much more gentle than the traditional idea of “sleep training”.


We began to see improvements almost immediately, and within three weeks we were well on the way to transitioning to one nap, and enjoying much later starts in the mornings (6am as opposed to 4:30am). I have to add that one of the most valuable things Sam has given us is a sense of confidence and trust in our own instincts around our son’s sleep needs.


Without exception Sam listened carefully and without judgment to our worries and ideas, and was an invaluable support during a really tricky period. I would highly recommend her to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep.


Louise H.

Mum to Oscar, 6 months


We got in touch with Sam when our son had just turned 6 months and we were trying to establish good sleep habits, move him into his own room and try and improve daytime naps. We had a great initial call with her which was informative and didn’t feel at all rushed. She then went away and put together a very clear plan of action for each of our areas of improvement, giving us options for how to approach each stage of implementing the plan. Unlike some of the sleep guides I’ve read, it felt very practical and ‘doable’.


Sam was up front that there was no magic solution but that consistency and perseverance with the plan would get us to where we wanted to be - and she was right!

Sam was very attentive during the implementation phase and great at following up afterwards. She suggested tweaks to our approach throughout and gave us the confidence to keep going when it got a bit tough.


We’re so glad we found Sam as we now have an 8 month old who sleeps through the night, in his own bed and even sleeps during the day! We’d highly recommend her!


Tara B.

Mum to Grace, 6 months


My daughter Grace had slept very well from 7 weeks old, even sleeping straight through the night on a few occasions. From around 16 weeks, everything changed and she was being rocked to sleep at night and finding staying asleep at night more and more challenging - waking up several times and finding it impossible to get back to sleep without my help.


I reached out to Sam for help and honestly, I was sceptical (and desperate!) because at that point my little girl was waking 8-9 times a night and her daytime sleep also totalled less than 2 hours - it just seemed like there wasn’t a solution and I would never get any rest ever again!


Sam quickly helped me realise that, for Grace, her dummy was a big issue and we agreed that she would have to give it up - I was so worried and resistive about this because I felt it was the only way I could get her to sleep but I trusted Sam and in under 48 hours it was like she never had a dummy, it was the best decision, and with the personalised sleep plan and Sam’s suggested approach and support, Grace learnt to self settle and then slept through the night after only 3 nights! She has slept through consistently since then for 11-12 hours every night and her daytime naps have started to improve. Sam has been so supportive and kind, she has gone above and beyond to help my little girl and to reassure me, there’s no words to express how grateful I am to her.


Katie R.

Mum to Elijah, 2.5 Years


I first heard about Sam from a friend. I had Sam’s details for a few weeks before I contacted her. I should not have waited. The first interaction was a professional one and a honest one, She explained to me that she has not got a magic stick but if you follow the detailed plan then we should be able to turn things around.


Well I can honestly say she was not wrong. From night two my son who has never slept through the whole night now sleeps for 12/13 hours without waking, he even puts him self to sleep.


I can’t thank Sam enough for all her support, it’s been a game changer.



Juan & Reka.

Parents to Nora, 9 Months


Sam has been an incredible support on our journey to improve our 9 months old daughter’s sleep.


She is very experienced, understanding, kind and does have a lot of empathy for the issues young parents face with their children’s sleep. Talking to her felt like being with a friend, and she has really listened and tailored her sleep plan to our needs and personality.


We have experienced huge improvements with our daughter’s broken sleep, and would not hesitate to get in touch with her again if we ever needed to.


Darshni S.

Mum to Amaya, 6 months


We tried ditching the dummy ourselves and failed miserably! After a few weeks of bad sleep (our 6 month old would wake up almost every hour for it), we decided we needed expert help. We were still unsure until our initial chat with Sam - she seemed like the right fit for us. I am so glad we went ahead.

After an In-depth consultation, Sam sent us a bespoke plan very quickly as we wanted to start acting on it in a couple of days (desperate times, desperate measures!).

Dummy was gone after the first night (it was tough but couldn’t have done it without Sam’s bespoke plan). Few nights in our 6 month old could self settle at night and also had moved into it her own room. We were also spending less time putting her down to bed at night and also at nap time. Her nap lengths have also increased but still a work in progress.

I feel like I have got some time back in the day and I feel less tired. This has been a game changer!


Roxane F.

Mum to Jazz, 7 months


I called Sam just before my husband left for 2 weeks, leaving me with my 3 years old and my 7 months baby who use to wake up 8 times/night. Sam said we should start a sleep program for my baby asap, as she thought a few days could already do wonders... I was not convinced but really wanted to trust her and she proved me wrong! My baby started sleeping through the night after 2 nights. Don't expect anything revolutionary in what she advises but her support has been unvaluable to a/comfort us that we were doing things right 2/ align my husband and I on a single way to deal with this. If I had known this issue could have been fixed this quickly, I would definitely have seeked for help earlier! Sam has been available every day during my 2 weeks programm, she's very caring ans commited to help. I highly recommend her.



Mum to Gus, 4 months


I contacted Sam after my 4 month old, Gus, was waking up to 20 times per night, he wasn’t hungry, wet, hot or cold and didn’t even seem to want me. I thought I knew it all as my oldest is, and has always been, a fab sleeper 🙈

I needed help, this wasn’t sustainable and I was running on fumes. Sam was brilliant; understanding, patient, kind, sympathetic and relatable. First we tweaked our routine in a subtle way, unfortunately this didn’t work so Sam suggested new, kind ways, that were just slightly out of my comfort zone, but I was desperate and would try anything. Incredibly Gus responded so quickly!! It turned out all he needed was a bit of space and time, whilst knowing I was there, and everything changed! For the last two months he has woken only for feeds and changes, he naps amazingly during the day and is a different baby. He is happy and content. As am I. Thank you Sam 😊


Careen Steep

Mum to Moses, 12 Months


I approached Sam when our son Moses turned one year old. My husband and I came to the conclusion that instead of waiting for him to just miraculously sleep through one day, we have to seek help with our little restless sleeper. Moses has never slept through all night to this day. On a good night he used to wake up, get a bottle and fall asleep again. On a bad night he used to be up for three hours at night screaming and not being able to fall asleep again. Needless to say, that neither him nor we were rested the next day. He has also never fallen asleep without being on my arms, another habit, I wanted to tackle.


Sam took a lot of time to understand Moses and what his needs are. She also showed a lot of empathy for me and what changes to Moses sleep I would be able to handle. I felt totally understood and never pressurised into doing something I am not happy about. We had a long chat about the options I have and how a healthy bedtime routine could look like which works for everyone. Sam was thorough in analysing the situation but also super quick by sending me the plan on the same day. The plan summarised what we agreed on, so I was perfectly happy with the approach. No, it wasn’t all easy to put the plan into action, but that was not expected. However, Sam was in touch daily and always on the ball how it was going. Sometimes I needed reassurance, sometimes we made amendments to the plan and sometimes we just celebrated the achievements. After a week we saw huge improvements. Three weeks later now he sleeps 12-13hours through. No mummy needed to fall asleep and no more bottle feeding at night either.


Sam has been incredibly knowledgeable, understanding and approachable during this challenging time. I could not have been happier with her support. I can highly recommend Sam as a sleep consultant. She turned our boy into a perfectly happy sleeper and we get to sleep now, too. The only problem we as parents are left with is that we don’t get to cuddle Moses for 12 hours and we miss him in our bed at times…but that’s moaning on a high level and exceptions are allowed I was told.  



Michelle P.

Mum to Selina, 6 months


Sam helped us with our 6 month old who wouldn’t sleep in her cot for naps or sleep longer than 30 minutes unless on me.


She also woke 3-4 times a night. Sam gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed to help our LO to sleep better! By the 3rd night she was sleeping 7-7 with one dream feed and by the end of the week she was taking all her naps in the cot.


We are so happy with her help and support.


Rebecca Rock

Mum to Rocco, 11 Months


Sam has literally been a life saver for me and my partner.


Our son Rocco, who was one years old last week, had no consistent routine. We both believed that keeping him with us until he wanted to fall asleep and having him sleep in our bed was the most caring thing for him. It reached a point where the three of us were so exhausted that my partner and I were bickering and arguing with each other and Rocco would fall asleep exhausted and overtired. Due to his over tiredness he was waking endlessly in the night for cuddles, bottles and the dummy! We found ourselves living around Rocco’s chaotic timetable.


We were at our wits-end when a friend recommended Sam who she had previously helped. I found Sam so friendly, calm and reassuring from the off and immediately knew she was the one to help us after our first phone conversation. 


When being guided by Sam she always explained her methods and why she was advising them. This really helped me with my confidence especially being a new mum. Sam would always give me different methods to resolve the situations that occurred,  this was so helpful if I ever wasn’t comfortable in anything or though Rocco could get distressed.


Sam clarified a step-by-step plan of action and with her support, within a week Rocco was going to bed at 7.30pm and sleeping until 7.30/8am.  His bottles within the night have been stopped as they weren’t needed anymore plus his dummy had vanished.  I had my doubts at times that Rocco would change so quickly as he is very strong willed but by following Sam’s every step it was surprisingly easy.  


After two weeks Rocco was not only sleeping well but he was also looking healthier and happier. I was honestly shocked how much sleep within the day/night, if too little or too much, can affect a child. I always thought I would have been structured from day one of having a baby, after reading endless books, but sometimes other things I.e a holiday, work etc get in the way of life and you find yourself out of sync with nothing working to get back on track. 


Friends will always have their opinions to help and sometimes they are not always right! I now know that having daily expert guidance, helping pick up on the smallest of things you might have forgotten or need to change meant I had the confidence to achieve my goals with Rocco and maintain them.  Every child is different! A textbook does not relate to everyone! Sam will understand the child’s needs and wants. 


We would never have reached this point without Sam.  If you ever think is it worth getting a sleep consultant, the answer is 100% Yes.  I honestly believe Sam could find a solution to any sleep issues your child has whatever the age. New or experienced mummy’s need help at times so never be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help!

Our family is extremely grateful for her help and advice. Rocco gets the best from us in the day as we are no longer tired, plus he is so much more content and happy within himself.


 I’m also pleased to say my partner and I are not bickering like before and now joke it’s like the old days when we had our evenings back to enjoy together or our own time to relax.  


From an extremely happy and very grateful parent!



Jess Johnson

Mum to Hugo, 4 months


We started working with Sam when Hugo was 4 months. He had been sleeping really well at night until he was about 3 months, just waking for a few feeds each night, but then he started to wake regularly, sometimes straight away at bedtime after his feed or every 30-45mins from bedtime. Hugo would wake up distressed and upset unable to go back to sleep and no one was sleeping well.


We found it really hard to get him to sleep and stay asleep and we needed to do something. So we asked Sam to help. After a really in depth consultation, Sam provided a detailed plan to help us to get Hugo to settle himself to sleep.


The approach was really gentle and took account of his age, and in actual fact meant far less crying than before we started the plan. As Hugo learnt to self settle at night this also meant he started to be able to do it in the daytime too, and I went from spending hours each day in a dark room with Hugo napping on me, to being able to put Hugo in the cot for a nap, leave the room and he would settle himself, something I thought would never happen.


Sam has supported us the whole way through, I would really recommend her, it has honestly changed our lives and really helped us all get some much needed sleep.


Sally Shepherd-Morris

Mum to Edan, 2 Years


I got in touch with Sam as our two year old son, Edan, was not sleeping well at all.


It was really affecting our lives and we’d have enough. He had been sleeping in the bed with me and my husband was on the sofa, it had been like this since he was born and he was very clingy. I’d had enough of him waking me up all night and we decided to put him in a bunk bed and sharing the room with his older brother. He was waking up several times a night and getting out of bed repeatedly. The broken sleep was really taking its toll on our health and well-being and we knew something had to change.


I spoke at length with Samantha and she came up with some suggestions for us to try. We already had a bedtime routine in place but that wasn’t really doing much so we put in to practice the tasks that Sam set. Well, all I can say is, game changer. 99% of the time he self settles at night, has a nap later in the day as suggested and we don’t talk to him if he does wake up. He knows not to get up before the Gro Clock turns yellow in the morning and the whole house is a much happier place all round. We’ve not managed to get rid of the dummy yet but our main focus was getting child free time in the evening and an unbroken night's sleep.


Sam’s advice was practical, gentle and very effective and we are eternally grateful, I wish she’d been doing this when he was really small! I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her and if in doubt, I’d say, go for it. It makes such a huge difference to our every day lives and he’s much happier because he’s not tired all day too. Thanks Sam, you’ve been our saviour!


Margaret Sealy

Mum to Daniel, 9 years


Our nine year old son hardly ever slept through the night. Unlike his older brother, he never seemed tired, resisted going to bed and always needed one of us to stay with him until he eventually fell asleep.


We spoke to numerous health visitors and gps who all felt that he was alert, healthy and attentive and probably just didn't need as much sleep as other children. However, since the first lockdown in March, he began waking up three or four times a night and each time needed us to stay with him until he fell asleep - which was exhausting and it started to take a toll on all of us


I spoke to other mums about it on an online mum's chat group and that's how I heard about Sammy Sleep Nanny and decided to ask Sam for her help. Sam called me the very next day. She wanted to hear all about our son and what his bedtime routine was like. She wasn't the least bit judgemental but instead was approachable, empathetic and caring and I soon felt as comfortable talking to her like an old friend! She assured us that her plan would be effective and that there were just a few tweaks that we needed to make before our son would soon be sleeping through the night.


Unlike other sleep consultants, Sam felt strongly about not leaving our son when he was distressed and did not ask us to try the well known "controlled crying" method with him which was what made us feel confident about her approach. She checked on us every day without fail, genuinely interested in knowing how it was going and suggesting next steps.


Her commitment and dedication to what she was doing was clearly evident. After initial resistance, our son started demonstrating more confidence falling asleep without us in his room and when he woke at night, we didn't have to stay with him for ages like we used to. Soon he was sleeping through the night and again through the next... and before long he had slept through the night for seven nights in a row! It's been over two weeks now and we're thrilled to say that he's been falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night - every night!


 I would definitely recommend Sammy sleep Nanny to any other parents going through this and am confident that she will be able to help you too!


Jennifer R.

Mum to Oscar, 2 and a half


Oscar was 2.5 when I decided enough was enough and we needed some help and reassurance when it came to his sleep. We had gone through periods of great sleep, bedtime battles and early rising and I started looking at getting some help from outside.


I posted a question online and Sammy gave me some helpful tips and then we connected and had a really helpful initial telephone consultation. I felt totally understood with what I needed and reassured that we hadn’t done anything wrong and that a few tweaks would help set us on a better path.


2 months in and the house is happier, our day doesn’t start as early and bedtime doesn’t feel like a chore every night. It hasn’t been an instant win for us but every night felt like we were getting there and I think that process has helped us as a family to figure out what works for us.


For anyone sitting on the fence about reaching out please do it. I’m so pleased I finally admitted I needed help and we are all happier for it.


Thank you Sammy!


Charli Malone

Mum to Francesca, 5 years


After nearly 6 years of having a child who woke 10-15 times a night, I generally thought this was our lives for the next 5/6 years. We got in touch with Sam, within three nights we had a child who was able to self soothe and sleep 12 hours plus! The best help and advice we have ever received. Here’s to catching up on 6 years worth of sleep 🥂. Thank-you so much you have completely changed our lives.


Danielle Pugh

Mum to Jack, 3 and a half years


I would like to thank Sam for all her help in changing our little boys routine. He always was a good sleeper until 6 months ago ending up in my bed every night no matter what we tried nothing worked. I couldn’t get him back in his bed or keep him asleep.


After an in-depth consultation with Sam we put a plan together which included a new bedtime routine & plan for getting Jack back into is own bed & to stop the waking up 1-2 times a night. After a few weeks of preserving & Sam’s plan of action I am very pleased to report we have had a complete turn around Jack now settles much quicker, is in bed earlier in his own room & asleep all night.


Sam is very easy to talk too we had such a lovely experience I couldn’t recommend her services enough.


Holly I.

Mum to Callie, 16 Months


When we first sought the help of Sam, our daughter was 16 months old and had only slept through the night a handful of times.


We were sometimes giving her multiple night bottles because we were desperate to get her back to sleep. We were at the end of our tether, very sleep deprived and anxious at the thought that we were going to be up multiple times a night.


Sam understood all of our concerns and made us feel that none of our problems were insurmountable. She put together a plan for us and worked with us every step of the way, following up each morning with texts and phone calls if required. Once we got the hang of the method our daughter was sleeping through within a few days!


She was going down by herself in her cot, and self soothing if she woke up in the night. We had cut out the night bottles completely. We have our evenings back, we are both sleeping soundly and it's amazing!


Irene L.

Mum to Vasia & Georgia, Age 4 years & 3 years


I contacted Sam when I realised that for the last 4.5 years of my life I had been waking up at least two times during the night (and that would be considered a good night). I have a 4.5yrs old and a 3yrs old who share a room and have very different sleeping habits.


Sam was very engaging with me and my husband and gave us quite simple practical recommendations. It was very reassuring for us to have her support to put the plan into action.

Even though there might still be nights I wake up it is not every night anymore and not more that once per night!



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